2013, HD
English, Krio with English subtitles


Ngardy Conteh
Gorgeous Mistake Productions
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Allan Tong
M +1 416 897 5575

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Sundance Institute Documentary Film Program Recipient

Leone Stars

Ngardy Conteh, Allan Tong

Sierra Leone's national amputee soccer team dream of winning the world championship in fall 2012. As boys, civil war robbed them of limbs. As men, they fight discrimination, poverty and now corruption within their own team which has split into two. The Beautiful Game restores their dignity, but will the civil war on the football pitch threatens their goal of winning. Will coach Moses make peace with his brother and team president to unite the warring sides?


Allan Tong


  • Gorgeous Mistake Productions, Halifax
    Ngardy Conteh, Allan Tong, Walter Forsyth

Principal Cast

Amputee soccer players of Sierra Leone and team organizers.

Ngardy Conteh

A storyteller for the African diaspora, Ngardy directed Soldiers for the Streets, a short documentary for NFB/CBC, and episodes of Literature Alive profiling Caribbean-Canadian authors (Bravo!). TV editing includes: Cypher (AUX-TV), Arts & Minds (Bravo!), The Rhyming Chef Barbuda (Food & Drink TV) and The Marilyn Denis Show for (CTV).


  • Soldiers for the Streets (2004)

    • 2004 Atlanta Urban MediaMakers Film Festival
    • 2004 Belize International Film Festival
    • 2004 Detroit Docs International Film Festival
    • 2005 Festival International de cinéma Vues d'Afrique, Montréal

Allan Tong

Allan directs and writes both narratives and documentaries, including Little Mao and I Want To Be A Desi for Bravo! His short films have won awards and been broadcast across Canada. He apprenticed as director/producer at the NFB, programs for several Toronto festivals and writes for film magazines including Filmmaker.


  • Little Mao (2012)

  • I Want to Be a Desi (2010)

    • 2011 Asian American International Film Festival, New York
    • 2011 DisOrient Asian Film Festival, Oregon
    • 2010 Grand River Film Festival, Kitchener-Waterloo (2nd place BMO SHORT Shorts Competition)
    • 2010 Hamilton Film Festival
  • I Want to Be a Desi 2 (2009)

    • 2009 Asian American International Film Festival, New York
    • 2009 DisOrient Asian Film Festival, Oregon
    • 2009 Grand River Film Festival (2nd place BMO SHORT Shorts Competition)
    • 2009 Washington Asian-Pacific-American Film Festival
  • Grange Avenue (2008)

    • 2009 Motor City Film International Festival, Detroit (Dramatic Prize)
    • 2008 Okanagan International Film Festival, Kelowna