2011, 35 mm, 90'
French with English subtitles


François Yon
Films Distribution
M +33 (0)1 53 10 33 99

Martin-Gropius-Bau N° 39


Wellington Love
M +1 917 538 4623

Canada Sales Desk
Martin-Gropius Bau N° 125

Screening Schedule

  • Festival
    • 17.02 9:00 AM Berlinale Palast (Press Screening)
    • 17.02 4:30 PM Berlinale Palast (Gala) (German subtitles)
    • 18.02 9:30 AM Friedrichstadtpalast
    • 18.02 5:30 PM Haus der Berliner Festspiele (German subtitles)
    • 18.02 8:30 PM Friedrichstadtpalast (German subtitles)
    • 19.02 7:00 PM Berlinale Palast (German subtitles)
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Official Competition / World premiere

War Witch

Kim Nguyen

Director's 4th feature
Le Marrais,
Truffe, La Cité

Shot in the
Democratic Republic
of Congo
Summer 2011

Komona tells the child growing in her womb the story of her life since her abduction by an armed rebel group and her encounter with the Magician, her first love. An African fable, a love story of two young people caught up in a world of violence, beauty and magic.


Kim Nguyen


  • Item 7, Montréal
    Pierre Even, Marie-Claude Poulin
  • Shen Studios, Montréal
    Kim Nguyen

Kim Nguyen

Le Marais (The Marsh) (2002), Kim Nguyen’s debut feature, earns six Jutra nominations. Truffe (2007), his second feature, which he also wrote and produced, wins the award for Best Film at the Karlovy Vary Fresh Film Fest. His third feature, La Cité, is released in 2009. War Witch, his fourth feature, is filmed entirely in the Democratic Republic of Congo.